For the last ten years, DADOCLEM has been creating children books that are fun to read but also invite young readers to go beyond their usual knowledge frontiers.

To do this, we propose several series :

  • bi-lingual comic books (series The Language Pot)
  • stories from other lands describing ancient as well as modern times (series World Gems)
  • joyful picture books with modern topics for young children
  • captivating adventure novels for early teens that open up unfamiliar worlds
  • E-comic books : The Language Pot series in digital format with sound

Through a wide range of formats, digital and traditional, DADOCLEM's vocation is to develop young people's outlook and curiosity in a globalized world.

Our creations give young people keys do grow through reflection and in respect of others.

DADOCLEM was founded by two former university teachers.


Danica Urbani – PhD in comparative literature, specialized in the theory of reception, former assistant professor (Paris - France). She is passionately interested in cross-disciplinary subjects. Her aim is to develop the young reader's critical mind.

Danica created DADOCLEM's editorial committee, made up of children aged from 7 to 13, with whom she works on the ideas she receives from authors and illustrators and of course, her own.


Dominique Urbani – PhD in physics and electronics, former assistant professor (Paris – France).

His aim is to add a scientific dimension to the way children think and to develop the digital pole within DADOCLEM.



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